At we really like our tea though at times its stock may run out. This has given us ideas for several impressive web apps. Let me take you on a journey of building and deploying a super simple tea management app with AWS Amplify.

What is AWS Amplify?

AWS Amplify provides developers with a set of tools and services for the rapid development of scalable full-stack applications. Amplify allows one to quickly configure a backend and connect it to your app and then deploy it! Sounds too good to be true? Well, let me show you how quickly you can set up, build…

At we need to bring ideas to production as soon as possible. Now, we live in the age of machine learning, and building machine learning models is a fascinating task. However, it is meaningless if you cannot bring it to production. Thankfully Amazon Web Services (AWS) comes to the rescue with its lambda functions allowing for cheap and easy deployment of your TensorFlow models. Regardless of whether you are building machine learning models or you want to integrate them with your app, this article is what you are looking for.

We will look at the essential steps of deploying…

Automated payments are fundamental to scale any tech startup. That is why at, we established a flow for delivering Stripe payments to your product faster than ever. In this post, I will explain this flow to you, so that you can incorporate it to your app as well. First, we will explore the Stripe API and then we will discuss how it fits in with the Feathers.js framework.

Stripe Installation with NPM or Yarn

You can install stripe using your favourite package manager (npm or yarn). It is as simple as running the following commands in your console.

Stripe API

Stripe is the industry standard for…

Having to monitor multiple custom-built intercoms can become a tedious process. A daily routine of checking their state and fearfully awaiting for a Slack notification telling you about one crashing and forbidding access to a building.

However, the true problem occurs when the monitoring system fails to detect a malfunction in the device. Then the time that is required to detect the error elongates drastically. The intercoms have two main methods of permitting access, through calling a person or by using the RFID card. …

At we come across the need to provide administrative technology on a daily basis. However, knowing that admin panels are not the actual money-maker for our clients we had to embark on a quest to find a solution that allows fast development while maintaining full customizability.

On our journey through different frameworks, we came upon one that could just have the golden ratio between development time and personalisation. It’s React Admin! Let me show you why and get you rolling with it.

What is React Admin?

“A frontend Framework for building admin applications running in the browser on top of REST/GraphQL APIs, using…

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